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Good morning, dear readers,

Today I can give you the commented overview of the topics of the day. And I start with a song.


"How lucky can one guy be? I kissed her, and she kissed me." La la lala la la. I love Robbie Williams ’version of that old hit. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about, you can listen to the song here. But be careful, the melody can quickly become a catchy tune. Williams ’musical excursion into the world of swing fascinated me 19 years ago. Since then, I have often been sprinkled with other of his songs, as they are an expression of a lightness of being that one is only too happy to wish for.

But my view of Robbie Williams changed a few days ago and this is due to two interviews on YouTube (here and here). In it he explains, among other things, that he thinks a lot of the British conspiracy theorist David Icke and his messages. A global conspiracy is underway in the anti-Semitic mind of the ex-soccer professional and successful author Icke. Behind it are supposed to be elites who – and Icke is really serious – descend from extraterrestrial lizards.

Robbie Williams also spoke about that in the interviews "Pizzagate"-Theory. It says that influential figures – including Bill and Hillary Clinton – run a large child pornography ring. An exaggeration of this is the claim that children are kidnapped and tortured in order to gain a rejuvenating substance for the rich and powerful from their blood. For Robbie Williams, these are all things that should be seriously investigated.

The fact is, all of these claims are unfounded. My colleague Lars Wienand dealt with this nonsense a few weeks ago. The confused theories come either from well-paid conspiracy authors, dodgy YouTubers or anonymous creators on the Internet who, for example, want to discredit certain people, groups of people or viewpoints. There is no evidence of this that was not invented or deliberately taken out of context.

In addition to Robbie Williams, there are a number of celebs who have become believers in conspiracies or at least have obvious problems distinguishing between fantasy and truth: Xavier Naidoo, the rappers Sido and Fler, the singer Senna Gammour and of course the ex-TV Chef Attila Hildmann, to name just a few.

Xavier Naidoo: The singer reported in tears in the spring that detained children were being freed from the hands of pedophiles around the world. The alleged action never took place. (Source: Screenshot YouTube)

With their countless fans, with their TV appearances and YouTube interviews, sometimes with hundreds of thousands of followers on Facebook and Instagram, celebrities are powerful multipliers. Your word carries weight, your behavior is a role model. They are identity figures that one likes to believe and trust. This results in responsibility, not just towards the fans, but towards society as a whole.

When stars like Robbie Williams fail to live up to this responsibility, when they slide into bizarre fantasy worlds and gossip about it publicly, the answer must be: keep your distance from the super spreaders so that the conspiracy virus does not jump over.


The basic account should enable people with little money to do basic banking. Deutsche Bank charges 8.99 euros a month for this, and certain services cost extra. The consumer advice centers find this too expensive and have complained. The Federal Court of Justice announced its verdict on Tuesday.


Since the introduction of the minimum wage in 2015, union and employer representatives have met every two years to discuss an increase. The lower wage limit is currently 9.35 euros per hour. The Commission will hold its crucial meeting on Tuesday and will then present a joint proposal. The federal government must decide on the increase.


Despite the sometimes massive criticism from the federal government and other states, everyone in Bavaria should be allowed to be tested for the corona virus free of charge, even without symptoms. The cabinet of the Free State wants to decide on the corresponding test concept on Tuesday.


Federal Minister of Transport Andreas Scheuer (CSU), Head of Rail Richard Lutz and other representatives from the rail industry and associations sign the "Rail Pact". your "Rail transport master plan" is intended to strengthen rail traffic in Germany in order to make it more reliable and more climate-friendly.


An international video conference on Syria organized by the EU and the United Nations on Tuesday will, among other things, focus on relief efforts for the civilian population and on ways to promote the peace process. Donations are also collected.

Syrian refugees in a camp in the north of the country. (Source: Moawia Atrash / imago images)


In the course of the Corona outbreak in the Tönnies slaughterhouse, the NRW state government circulated address lists for all employees there, research by my colleague Jonas Mueller-Töwe has shown. At the direction of the Ministry of Health, the document was distributed to hundreds of care facilities. The state data protection officer is now checking the facts. It has the potential of a tangible scandal.


They are among the risk groups of the corona pandemic and sometimes feel lonely due to the strict protective measures: Seniors in nursing homes are particularly suffering from the corona crisis. Ailine Lehmann has been the head of the nursing department at the DRK since July 2015. In an interview with my colleague Sandra Simonsen, she explains how relatives can help and what she wants from politics.

Ailine Lehmann: She has been the head of the nursing department at the DRK district association Fläming-Spreewald since July 2015. she answered questions. (Source: German Red Cross)


For the second time in a row, the former Bundesliga dinosaur Hamburger SV has abandoned the previously believed promotion in the last second division games – and is once again showered with scorn and ridicule. Meanwhile, the club’s loyal and long-suffering fans are wondering: Will HSV ever get promoted to the Bundesliga again? My colleagues Florian Wichert and Robert Hiersemann have different opinions.


Unbeaten in the 2020 calendar year, only two defeats in the entire season: Arminia Bielefeld deserves to be promoted to the Bundesliga as champion of the 2019/2020 second division season. But how did the sensational march come about? My colleague Dominik Sliskovic looked into the matter and, together with the Bielefeld club icons Jörg Böhme and Ansgar Brinkmann, also looks at the first division suitability of East Westphalia.


Holidays in Corona times are different.

(Source: Mario Lars)

Tomorrow Peter Schink will present you the topics of the day. I wish you a wonderful Tuesday!


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Twitter: @Carsten_Werner

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A driver should give a urine sample – he came back with his sperm. The police wanted to test him on drugs. Then they did a saliva test.

A man gave sperm instead of the requested urine sample at a police check in Lüdenscheid in North Rhine-Westphalia. The officials wanted to test the driver of a pickup truck on Tuesday morning for possible drug use, the police reported. For the urine sample, they handed him a cup, with which he disappeared into the bushes. 

Traffic control: What can the police actually control? Right to remain silent in the event of an accident: Traveling abroad – What drivers should be aware of

 "It took an unusually long time and returned somewhat ashamed with the content mentioned"According to the police report. The officials declared the sample unusable and resorted to a saliva test. The turn was negative and the man drove away relieved.

Sources used: AFP news agency

Does the choice of underpants affect fertility in men? Researchers have investigated the question – with an interesting result.

Men who wear boxer shorts often have more sperm than those with tighter pants. US researchers report in the journal "Human reproduction".

Reaction of the body

Men with loose-fitting underpants also have a higher sperm concentration and a higher proportion of swimming sperm, writes the team led by Lidia Mínguez-Alarcón from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health in Boston.

The wearers of tight underwear, on the other hand, showed a comparatively high concentration of the so-called follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) in their blood, which stimulates the production of sperm. This could be a reaction of the body to the reduced sperm production in the friends of tight underwear, the researchers assume.

Sperm decline: Men produce up to 60 percent less sperm Sperm cells as helpers: Human sperm are supposed to diagnose cancer Fertility test for men: The most important questions about semen testing

Underpants and fertility studied

For the study, Mínguez-Alarcón and her colleagues examined more than 650 men from couples who went to a clinic because of an unfulfilled desire to have children, but whose sperm concentration was still within the normal range. They asked the men what type of underpants they usually wore and analyzed typical values ​​of male fertility.

About half of the men preferred to wear boxer shorts. Compared to men who preferred other panties, the boxer shorts had 17 percent more sperm, 33 percent more floating sperm, higher sperm concentration, and lower levels of FSH. The difference in concentration between boxer shorts and men with rather tight-fitting underpants was particularly large.

Do not overestimate the findings

With the study it is not possible to directly prove that tight underpants are a cause of a lower sperm count. However, the authors point out that previous studies have come to similar results. In one of them, two test persons each wore tight and equally long underpants for months.

"The study provides an indication of how men with impaired fertility may have a beneficial effect on their fertility", says Sabine Kliesch, chief physician in the Department of Clinical and Operative Andrology at the Münster University Hospital, on request. "However, all measured changes are within the normal range. So one should not overestimate these findings."

Above all, Kliesch points out: "One must definitely not make the reverse conclusion that wearing non-boxer shorts leads to infertility!"

Sperm quality in men decreases

Florian Wagenlehner, Director of the Clinic for Urology, Pediatric Urology and Andrology at the University Hospital Gießen and Marburg has a similar opinion: "Research shows a decrease in sperm quality in men in the western world over the past few decades. Possible causes are diet, an increased body mass index, but also an increased temperature of the scrotum." The optimal operating temperature of the testicle is a few degrees below the body core temperature.

Many of these influencing factors, such as the weight and age of the men examined, whether they have ever smoked or their love for hot baths, were taken into account in the study. So you do not influence their statement. Other factors, such as the type of overpants men prefer to wear, were not investigated, such as whether they are very tight.