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It’s like your own personal sex party on your pocket. Isn’t it fun to have a dirty little secret? He’s a good kisser, his touch on your skin feels electric, and you shamelessly concede to the pure physical attraction that attracts your desiring bodies together at the very moment.

Enter Pure an program designed to connect people for just casual, anonymous encounters. No endless conversations without a follow through, no matches which are miles away by the time you really talk, no getting your hopes up just to learn that they aren’t looking for the very same items as you. You kiss, passionately, your hands tracing the lines of the chest.

Uninhibited physical gratification. However, it’s a relatively new product, particularly on the U.S. market, and we wish to know how well it functions, exactly what ‘s missing, how to make it better. However, you know what they say, no risk, no reward. To give you an added incentive for the two trying Pure and writing for us about it, we’ll be entering each Pure-related story submitted to CSP over another month into a raffle to win an incredibly sexy goodie bag, including two sex toys out of our Pure-campaign sponsor LELO, and our very own unique Adventure Kit developed together with the Pleasure Chest to make your hookups warmer and safer!

There’ll be just two giveaways, one for tales filed by February , , and one for tales filed over the subsequent fourteen days, by March . Scrubbed from the program and even Pure’s servers. Ask your possible spouse to not discuss his title or any personal info with you. After that day comes, what can you do?

Where do you discover the tall, dark stranger (or short and blonde, or redhead, or whatever floats your boat( actually ) to have this adventure with without even revealing your name? Is that possible in this age where everyone is socially connected via Facebook and Instagram?? Have fun with it, meet some dreams, sample new items.

In case you’ve ever fantasized about sex with an anonymous stranger, you’re not alone. In reality, that increases the puzzle, the delight, the freedom to be whomever you wish to be in that very moment. No wonder over of the undergrads in that study who’d fantasized about sex with a stranger in a favorable way had also sometimes experienced this fantasy as disagreeable, improper, and going against their awareness of self. When these links happen, they make for an absolutely electric encounter. Nobody will know you were there. See what you can do with it.

Or perhaps life is stressful and you need to alleviate some tension throughout sex. Years of social brainwashing have taught you too well you’re not likely to desire casual intercourse with nameless strangers, let alone take action. Suddenly, your mind begins racing, imagining how the nighttime may unfold with him. Let’s indicate still another option, one which promises to meet the standards of this specific fantasy: A spontaneous hookup with somebody who’s unknown, hot, and available at the moment. You worry about slut-shaming, about diseases, about unwanted pregnancies, about getting hurt emotionally, about getting your boundaries . Tell him you just want someone to come over, bend you over the kitchen counter, and fuck you hard without a single word. Even if you did find somebody completely outside your social circle, conversations on these apps frequently wind up in months – or months-long back and forth, not finding the opportunity to match up (one of us only eventually hooked up with somebody she’d matched with on Tinder nearly two years ago!) . Finally, we’ve got a program that’s designed purely for hooking up.

These are somewhat more dependable than chance meetings or even bar/club hookups, and they’re surely a fantastic possible source of casual, straightforward sex. It doesn’t matter you may never see him again. So we want to introduce one to the program, invite you to download and play with it, discuss with us your stories and experiences during the next month using our Share Your Story type, and invite one to accomplish that by offering you a couple of hot giveaways thanks to our host LELO! It’s basically a dose of this purest Colombian cocaine, with no legal and health effects. You see yourself coming him, and without saying a word, you entice him to accompany you in darker portion of the bar. However, it’s nice to have the option.

Like, really gone. And our brains have evolved to appreciate it. Imagine if they judge you or laugh at you? Imagine if they get frightened off?

Who cares if they judge you? You’ll never see them again! Be bold.

Ask for those items you’re too uncomfortable to ask known spouses for. As fun as the hot intercourse with a stranger scenario sounds as a fantasy, turning it into reality isn’t necessarily that simple. There is nothing quite like Pure out there. Sure, the prospect of risk is there, and with unidentified strangers you don’t have any clue what you’re getting yourself into.

There’s no relationship baggage, no emotional hang-ups, no serious duties, only pure unadulterated fun. This is your chance to be whomever you wish to be, without much to lose. The physical sensations are usually pleasant and enjoyable in and of themselves. (If they weren’t, the individual species would’ve experienced a critical problem populating this world and it did.) Relax, be present in the present time, give everything you can for your spouse for the short time you’re together , and get as far as they can give you. A bar or a bar is the most obvious one.

Tell him you’re searching for someone who’d love to get his ass fucked with a strapon. In case the immediacy isn’t paramount, you can always treat Pure the exact same way you would Tinder co.. And finally, these apps/websites are much less controversial than they once wereI mean, people are getting married off of them! (Have you attended a Tinder wedding yet?

We’ve got.) Nothing worse than conversing with someone and hoping they’re DTF but they’re really seeking an LTR. Maybe you’re not sure he or she is the One. This isn’t so hard to do: On a day you’re feeling especially sexy, be aware of your surroundings while running errands and going about your day, notice any sexy strangers around you, smile at them, invite them to talk you up, tell them that they look gorgeous that day… That’s the reason why, we are teaming up with Pure and our kindred spirits at Slutty Girl Problems to check Pure during the next month. (You can read the SGP review of this Pure app here.) No beating around the bush, no optimistic guesses they want exactly what you want, no misunderstandings, no endless back-and-forth. Put on a wig for your date. It doesn’t require you to connect your Facebook account, your email address, or your phone number; there is not any profile outline, no private interests, not a title.

You uncertainty you can relax enough to enjoy a random sexual experience, or a stranger can get you the way you wish to be touched to make it pleasurable. See, Pure seems like this program was made for us. There is not any need for all that advice: Unlike anywhere else offline or online you can rest assured that everybody on it’s there for one and just reason: To discover sexy, steamy, uncomplicated sex right that moment. Find two men at once to set up that MFM threesome you’ve always jerked off to. Then there are the hookup/hookup apps/websites: Tinder/Happn/Hinge/Bumble/OKC…

And perhaps your anonymous spouse really is a hot pirate or a college professor, you don’t know he’s not! This is a time when you can forget about everything else, and concentrate solely on pleasure and exploration. Maybe sex on your long-term relationship is becoming somewhat stale. Agree to meet at a hotel room in which you’ll be blindfolded from start to finish rather than see his face. Given our love of hookups, we here at the Casual Sex Project feel like Pure was sort of created for us and most of the casual sexual aficionados out there. It doesn’t matter you don’t know anything about him.

Imagine if Uber, Tinder, and Snapchat needed a threesome, birthing PURE, a hookup program that’s direct and straightforward as fuck. Maybe you’re active and don’t have time for a relationship, but still have sexual needs. Here are our favorite four. This ‘s always entertaining you have a chance to flirt with potential candidates and see how they move, speak, and navigate social spaces until you decide you want to go home together. But sometimes, you’re strong enough, rebellious enough, and horny enough to push all of the fears and anxieties, and to lose the shame our society tries to pin on you for wanting what you want.

Hot anonymous sex with a stranger frequently ranks near the top of pop culture (and science-supported) lists of sexual dreams: In one, over of college women (and over percent of men) confessed to such fantasy. The good, the bad, the perplexing, the awful..we want every tiny detail! And ‘s it.

After each encounter, compose your story for the Casual Sex Project. You know the feelings of guilt or shame which can creep up on occasion after having a hookup, an amazing one. Or maybe your bliss can’t wait that long and you also discover an empty toilet stall or a dark alley out where he bends you slides inside you, and slowly fucks one to a powerful orgasm while you frantically rub your clit. All there is on Pure is a single photograph (so make it count!) , your location, and one hour to chat and match with folks near you. Obviously, if the complete anonymity worries you, then you can always request your matches for titles, social networking profiles, and any other identifying info.

It combines the immediacy of Uber together with the geolocation and simplicity of Tinder, the disappearing-photos ephemeralness of Snapchat, and the sensual like-mindedness of a sexual party. But not always immediate, anonymous, scandalous sex. They are so special because they’re so random, unexpected, and impossible to plan. But partying is time consuming and energy consuming, frequently financially demanding, and at times leaves you empty handed: Too many people drunk people or not enough hot single people keen to perform right there right then. Granted, unless you happen to be a Super Slut (somebody who, like some of us here at the Casual Sex Project, lives for the novelty and delight of sex with a great deal of different individuals ), you probably don’t want this all of the time. It can be scary to show an odd sexual fantasy to a long-term spouse.

Our bodies also evolved to appreciate sexual stimulation. The drawback, of course, is you may ‘t rely on them. You suspect those charismatic men who will sweep you off your feet without a word are likely arrogant, selfish, manipulative jerks who wouldn’t create very excellent fans, even for one night… Still another CSP favored are chance meetings in spaces where people least expect them: while on the subway, walking down the street, waiting at the airport, in line for the post office… You’ve got a few different choices. We want you to try Pure and inform us about it.

Especially in the event that you’re a woman. For some of us, that stimulation should come packed with love, shared background, and dedication, but a lot of us don’t need those extra layers. Your messages are encrypted as you talk, and once the hour is up, your petition and conversations are gone. Sometimes, you feel empowered to own up to your desires, take your novelty into your own hands, and embark on an adventure that just may prove astonishing. Download the program now and play with it for the upcoming few weeks. You submit your single-photo request when you’re prepared to perform, and have an hour to talk with each game, swap more photos (easily done via the program ), and decide whether you’re going to take another step or not.

There are many explanations for why anonymous sex with a stranger can be appealing. The Pure team is committed to building the perfect experience for the horny folks of the world, but they need your feedback. And its popularity for a fantasy isn’t so surprising, really.

Novelty, anonymity, risk, rebellion, experimentation these are all things that give our brains a rush of dopamine and adrenaline, the ingredients of exhilaration and excitement. You invite him back to your location.